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Finally done with the main background! One morning version, and one night version. All that is left now to draw: Backgrounds for outside, baba and her hands in different places of the room, Death picture, and the ending.

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spent days on this, no longer sure if its good or not but whatever, here’s a thing. Also why laptop screen why do you kill all colours that look so lovely on my other screen


And that’s the costume done! Of course, it will be worn by someone with big dark hair rather than my little blond tufts. Now all I have to do is find a way to make her look a great deal taller than she is!

Reblog from coursework blog! Costume funtimes^^

Work of the day - backgrounds!

Meet red - the kind of lady who would laugh at you and call you a pretty little idiot - just before insinuating that she wouldn’t mind cooking you for dinner.

(something weird happened to the quality, please please look at it in HQ)

Drawing them atlantians

Underwater city environments woo!


more sketches of the game part of the project - this time the inside of Baba Yaga’s hut

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