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Black ink gold ink

possibly ghost project happening

Just testing some brushees

Sketches for a mythology project that i kinda forgot about woops

Anyway: These are my version of Älvor (Swedish fairies). Based on the superstition that mist moving in the wind was actually dancing fairies (sometimes ghosts). In my version, there are “Monarchs” (Second picture) who are ancient beings who collect energy from the newly dead, before making them into her servants, called Drones (Top picture)

They spend most of their time dancing to beautiful music. But you must never join in, or you might go insane and hear that music in your ears for the rest of your life.

random watercolour sketches for fun

Paint tool sai, 7h+

Fever and Cluny from Scriveners moon: Character development. 

(Minor Spoilers)

So here’s a thing I’ve been working on for fun. More Mortal Engines stuff yay! Took some liberties with Cluny’s visions (glowing eyes were too cool to not draw)

I’d love to do their entire story like this, but idk if i have the time. Really enjoyed drawing this though! Almost like drawing a comic :)


More of these guys in this style

So the idea i had was to make these guys in different steps of their lives (specifically in Scriveners Moon) and when they are together as well as when they are not. idk, its fun so i’m gonna keep at it! oh yeah, and minor spoilers, i guess


more fanart for Scriveners moon. Really enjoying this style:D 

I’d follow her anywhere

Portrait of Cluny Morvish, my favorite character from the book Scriveners moon (hopefully i got all the details right)

Better quality

mammoth girl wip again hair is happening i guess


More Cluny WIP! Making beads is fun! The fabric of the shirt is giving me troubles though… (tips and critique welcome)